It’s not every day you’re given an opportunity to become an undisputed conference calling guru. But, friend today is that day. These are some of the greatest hints ever committed to digital canvas when it comes to holding productive and interesting conference calls that don’t drag or waste time.


1. Silence is Golden

‘Sounds of Silence’ wasn’t just a 1966 album from folksy pop duo Simon & Garfunkel; it’s also good advice when it comes to a conference call. The only thing people should be able to hear on your line is either silence or your voice – not a noisy office, barking dog or screaming child. It makes it difficult for everyone else to listen to the call. Take it somewhere more chilled.

2. Attention!

Pay attention, sit up straight. OK, the sit up straight part isn’t necessary, but daydreaming like you did in your year eight geography class is a recipe for embarrassment. You never know when you might be asked your opinion on what’s just been said so listen at all times.

3. Make your own minutes

Making or reading agendas ahead of a meeting and writing notes during are not activities exclusive to in-person get-togethers. You’ll get more out of a call if you put pen to paper – or finger to keyboard.

4. Get to know each other

A person’s voice is significantly less recognisable than their face. It’s a good idea for all participants to introduce themselves when the meeting starts. That way, everyone gets a handle on who’s who before you pitch your game-changing idea.

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